Glass Blower: Sculpting A Horse From Molten Glass


#this bitch just said let there be horse and there was

i thought this was a gif of a man fighting a giant angry slug

What if..? - Page 5

I’m not going to be as active as I have been lately because my school’s band camp starts tomorrow /dies/ and school starts soon after /dies again/.

Of course I will still be blogging almost everyday, just not as much.

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omg I’m going through ancient posts on my blog…

For those of you have been following me this I started this mess of blog thank you do you remember when all I posted were manga recommendations?

Cos I sure as hell do

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Another drawing for the Nalu week, this time a prompt of my own: Pokemon Crossover. Well, the one one gave me the idea was a ctually my brother, but shhhh…

Enjoy trainer Lucy and… Natsumander? Charsalamander?…umm, yeah…:B

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I know I’m super late, but this is my drawing for the gajevy week bonus prompt “alternate universe”.

This is just an au idea that came to my mind! Levy is a really curious mermaid who loves the human world and fell in love with a fisherman, Gajeel, who constantly scolds her because she’s too careless and it’s dangerous for a mermaid to be seen by humans. …And for some misterious reason they have the same tatoo :B

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Natsu: “I gotta go.. I made a promise.”
Lucy: “I’m gonna..”
….protect the future!”


Yukino and Lucy close Eclipse's gate :D
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ReiGisa/NagiRei gives me life ╰( ´◔ ω ◔ `)╯ ❤ *But please don’t endanger your scientist boyfriend Nagisa!*
I’m looking forward to draw Sauceuke and Rin later ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
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